Amidst devastating formula shortages, Kate Farms may be one of the few companies able to meet the demand.

It is no secret that formula shortages have had a devastating impact all over the country, particularly on young tube-fed children. Due to massive recalls and facility shut downs, and the resulting high demand on the remaining formulas, families have been forced to switch formulas or go without. Waiting for the backlog of orders to catch up is not an option for those who rely on formula for the majority of their daily nutrition, and for some sensitive digestive tracks, switching formulas is not easy.

One company, however, seems to be maintaining stock when other companies fall short. Kate Farms, a company that was founded on plant-based enteral nutrition to replace sugar-forward formulas, has kept a steady stock of formulas to meet diverse needs. For the most part, the company has been successful in providing replacements for several of the most common out-of-stock formulas without a shortage or decrease in supply and without sacrificing nutritional value. Indeed for some patients, the lack of high sugar content has been an improvement on previous formulas. Like all formulas, Kate Farms won’t be for everyone, but their consistency and healthy alternatives are an advantage for their company, their partners, and clients. Their products may provide light in the dark for families sent into chaos in the wake of unprecedented low supply.

Their strength seems to be in their distribution strategy. Kate Farms has a team in place specifically for supply and demand. A team like this is not unique to their company, but the proactive approach this team takes has been vital to their success. In order to get ahead on possible shortages, Kate Farms maintains constant contact with supply companies and clients. They also diversify manufacturing, using a number of different manufacturing companies so that if an incident occurs in one location, another can be notified and begin increased production immediately. Kate Farms has back-up plans on top of back-up plans, which has ultimately contributed to their steady position during the formula shortage crisis.

Now, full disclosure: Kate Farms is currently in the middle of an unrelated limited voluntary recall conducted within “an abundance of caution.” This has not shown a significant effect on the supply of safe, fully usable formula for clients. It has instead become another successful demonstration of Kate Farm’s tactics. The very diversification that has made them reliable during the shortage also seems to be keeping them supplied during the limited recall.

Despite the setbacks, Kate Farms is holding strong. Though recalls are never convenient (safer, yes, but convenient, no), their stock remains easily available to the companies who sell it and the individuals who need it, providing safe and easily transitional formula for those who would not otherwise have access.