Inspired by our clients and the disabled community of Colorado, Special Needs Network has worked to provide exceptional products and services for the past fifteen years. We are proud to be a nationally accredited company with high standards of care for our clients. Our personalized customer service and dedication to our community provide clients with reliable scheduled delivery, educational training services, and compassionate timely responses. We look forward every day to providing our clients all over Colorado with the care they deserve. 

Mission Statement

Providing community-centered care to a disability-centered community­

How are we different from other DME companies?

We are a small, community-focused company. Our promise to our clients is to never burden them with enormous unexpected bills – private pay is always an option, but you will never be sent a bill for non-covered items without advanced warning. We will go above and beyond to try every avenue to get your medical supplies covered by insurance and will let you know if you are denied coverage before we ask you to cover any costs out-of-pocket.

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