1.       No more late penalties
Gone are the days of deadlines and overdue fees keeping you from enjoying your community resources. Many of the libraries in the Denver Public Library system have done away with fees of any kind, including late fees. They do still have due dates as a courtesy to other patrons, which are normally about two weeks after check-out, but you won’t be penalized for being forgetful or getting lost in your book.

2.       Movie Rentals
If the rapidly increasing prices of streaming services has got you down, try your local library. Hundreds of movies and TV shows are available for rental with similar return policies as books. Brand new releases, such as the latest Marvel film, could have shorter rental times, but it might be the only place you can view those titles for free.

3.       Covid tests
Many of the Denver Public Libraries are required to carry a few covid tests every month. They are first come first serve and limited quantity, so give your closest local library a call to check their supply if you are in need. Remember to wear your mask and never enter a public space if you suspect you may be able to infect others.

4.       Small business resources
Entrepreneurs are essential to the growth of a community, and your public library has the resources to get you started. Denver Public Library now has BizBoost: Free Small Business Research Help. If you are looking to start or grow your small business, you can make a free 30 to 60 minute appointment with a references librarian who can help you find the resources you need.

5.       Healthy Food For Denver’s Kids
It can be challenging to keep kids eating healthy these days. Several Denver Public Library locations are ready to help again this year. Partnered with the Healthy Food for Denver’s Kids (HFDK) organization, boxes of fresh produce and other healthy food items can be provided to households with members under the age of 18. In some locations, libraries will also provide educational resources and even jobs for teens during this program.

6.       Career Online High School
Whether you missed out on traditional schooling or have an incomplete GED, the library can help. The Career Online High School program is part of the Denver Public Library System’s services. If you are over the age of 19, they have specialists who are eager to help you complete your education.

7.       The Library of Things
In the Denver Public Library system, you can check-out more than just books and entertainment. Several of the local libraries have a large supply of rentable items, everything from power tools to sewing machines. Part of caring for the local community – a long time tradition of libraries everywhere – has been providing the community with resources that would otherwise be inaccessible. These useful household items are no exception.

8.       Fun Events
Storytime. Tie-dye. Video games. The Denver Public Library Events Calendar has all this and more for children and teens of all ages, but the Under 18’s aren’t the only ones who benefit. Students can participate in study groups, and adults have their own events, such as Mindfulness Meditations. Patrons of all ages can enjoy regularly held events and rare technology at the ideaLAB’s Open Lab events, where library-goers can test out music software, sewing, and 3D art.

9.       Other Resources
If the library can’t do it, they know someone who can. The library also works as a hub to connect its patrons to other resources in the community – most notably disability accessibility. Within the library, upon request, multiple kinds of accessibility technology can be ordered and available. They maintain resources for access for those with various disabilities and accommodations such as the blind, deaf/HoH, sign-language users, dyslexic, fine-motor inhibited, and those with disabilities related to age. Beyond this, the library keeps a long list of disability resources that patrons can connect to externally.

Even if you can’t get to the library, the library is for you. All of these disability features and more are detailed on the Denver Public Library website, including delivery services and the Bookmobile. These services will bring the library to your home address. Educators also have access to special resources. Visit the Denver Public Library website to learn more.


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Information sourced from the Denver Public Library website and Belmar Public Library.